timë® is a young company with our own team composed of more than 30 young professionals who are experts in civil engineering technologies.

Andrés Sanz Mollà, timë®’s manager, coordinates them and brings more than 20 years of experience in air conditioning of all kinds. 20 years of experience make  timë® provide its costumers with comprehensive service covering all their needs and throughout the national territory.


Legal Technical Area
Sociology, Marketing and Advertising
Interior design
Administration and y finance

Air Conditioning

Technicians with the RITE card and approved handling of fluorinated gases.
Conductors for fiber and sheet
Copper Installers
Mantainers and certified repairers


Certified Plumbers

Masonry work and Construction

First and Second cathegory officers


Technicians with low and medium voltage certification

timë® integral solutions accompanies the client from the initial phase of advice. Thus we guarantee satisfaction in the final result of our customers’ projects.

We are specialized in comprenhensive projects and have a 24/7/365 service.


The needs of our clients drive us to create business lines. In this way, timë® is an expert in the execution of TURNKEY PROJECTS. In addition, Además, timë® is responsible for subsequent maintenance. Wich translates into one of our identity traits as a company: we are commited to a culture of value creation for our customers.  The technical thinking is reflected in our works and our know-how complements the design phases and, all this, is reflected in the detailed engineering on site. We save unnecesary resources and contribute to increasing productivity

timë® is a reference in the execution of projects and implementations of offices, hotels and shops among other types of business.


timë® is a young company with our own team composed of more than 30 young professionals who are experts in civil engineering technologies. And for this reason we have been and are able to work for companies of all sizes and in all the territories of the country. From small SMEs and franchisees to multinationals.  From Catalonia, The Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community and Murcia to Andalusia, Madrid, The Basque Country and Asturias.

Any project in any market, adapting us to the regulations of each moment and place.

What is timë® competitive advantage ? We offer a plus compared to other climate or construction companies. And it’s simple: listen to our customers allowing them

  • Plan for the beginning any item of your project
  • Adapt their office to the local climate.
  • Integrate existing networks or implement  improvements to your networks or franchises at any time.

In summary: We provide integral solutions, achieving improvements in business results, collecting in a single project the thermal needs of each company and providing solutions without surprises to all current and future communication needs.

How do we make that possible? Because we are the same compny that offers and organizes its facilities: air conditioning, electricity, floors, ceilings, painting, decoration, data or sructured cables, as well as all kinds of additional work our clients need. One for all. Only in this way time is gained, economic resources are optimized and better quality is achieved in finishes.

In timë® we understnd that air conditioning is currently essential for the confort that our customers request. Therefore, our commitment is to adapt it to the climatic realities of the enviroment.


Compliance with execution times, quality finishes, security and transparency in the project and budget have positioned us among the best companies in the sector. And the secret is the commitment to our customers. That easy and that hard. A comprehensive advice that guarantees, maximazes and ensures that the project is completed according to the calculations made and approved beforehand.

For this, we have a technical team made up of professionals from areas such as engineering, delineation, architecture, interior design, climate, electricity, plumbing, marketing and business administration.